Growing Blueberries

I might be slightly biased here, having just come back from eating some of our blueberries(they were tangy, firm and utterly delicious!)..but I think they are possibly one of the best fruit to grow in the garden. They produce a mass of firm, fully flavoured berries which are very high in antioxidants and vitamin C, making them an excellent snacking fruit.  They are very easy to grow and have very few pests, diseases or problems.  Blueberries grow very well in containers, and are very decorative plants, making them ideal for the patio. I can’t sing their praises enough! Forget the soft ones from the shops (that can be awful!), home grown and picked fresh, they are delightful.


How to Grow Blueberries – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Plant from November to February, when the plant is dormant
  • Best grown in containers in ericaceous compost with grit added, unless you have acidic soil (pH 4 to 5.5)
  • Plant in a 2 litre (3½ pint) container
  • Protect flowers from frost and water regularly (they are thirsty plants)
  • Planting blueberry bushesPrune after leaf fall when the plants are dormant
  • Repot every two years in the autumn
  • Harvest when the berries have ripened, late summer to early autumn


Blueberry Varieties

For the heaviest yields, grow more than one variety as they are only partially self-fertile.

Blue Crop – mid season, very good flavour, hardy, vigorous upright growth, height 120cm (4ft)
Brigitta – late season, upright bushes, firm crisp texture, height 180cm (6ft)
Sunshine Blue – mid season, self-fertile, compact bush, height 60 to 90cm (24 to 36in), excellent for containers
Goldtraube – mid season, large firm fruits, aromatic flavour, high yields, vigorous upright growth
Earliblue – early season, large sweet berries, height 180cm (6ft)


1. Growing Blueberries – QUICKSTART GUIDE
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4. Picking Blueberries and Storing Blueberries – How to pick, store and freeze your blueberries
5. Blueberry Growing Tips – Some tips to help you get the most out of your blueberry bushes
6. Blueberry Problems, Pests and Diseases – Some help if things go wrong with your blueberry bushes

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