Picking and Freezing Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants ripen from midsummer onwards. Modern varieties, such as the “Ben” series, have been bred so that the fruit on the strig all ripens at the same time. These varieties can be harvested by cutting the entire strig from the plant. The fruit on older varieties ripens at different times, with the berries at the top of the strig ripening first. These berries will have to be picked individually as they ripen.

Storing Blackcurrants

If you are going to eat them fresh, blackcurrants can be stored for a few days, on the counter top or if you want them to last a little longer then you can put them in the fridge. Where possible, like all fresh produce, it’s best to eat them seasonally which means you need to be inventive sometimes! Blackcurrants are excellent in summer puddings, pies, and desserts. Blackcurrants also make excellent jams and jelly.

Freezing Blackcurrants

Before you freeze all your blackcurrants, here’s something easy and tasty that we have really enjoyed.

Even with the very best intentions and inventiveness, if you have a good cropping blackcurrant bush or two, you’ll end up with more blackcurrants than you can handle (or your family can handle without looking glum at the dinner table). When you’ve reached this point, freezing is an excellent option as blackcurrants freeze well. To freeze blackcurrants…

Select only undamaged fruit (blackcurrants are good in that they can be removed from the strig without puncturing the fruit). Don’t wash them as they freeze best when dry. Being homegrown, you’ll know whether any chemicals have been sprayed on them (one of the golden benefits of grow-your-own). Place them on a tray and pop the tray in the freezer for a couple of hours until they are just frozen. Blackcurrants to Be Frozen
The reason for freezing them on trays is that when they are placed in a bag or pot later, they don’t freeze into a single mass. This makes life easier later when you come to use them and you might only want a few. Freezing Blackcurrants
When the blackcurrants have frozen, place them in a plastic bag and remove all the air using a straw. This creates a neat vacuum packed, frozen bag for you. Removing all the air is an optional step. Blackcurrants Vacuum Packing
Twist the bag and clip it. Return this bag to the freezer and you’re done! You can enjoy that little summer in the middle of winter! Frozen Blackcurrants


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