Blackcurrant Plant Care

Blackcurrants should be pruned from late autumn to winter when the plants are dormant. No pruning is required the year after planting. Blackcurrants fruit best on young wood that is one or two years old. When pruning remove about a third of the older wood (which has grey peeling bark) at soil level. Also, remove any weak and wispy growth and any branches that are leaning towards the ground. This will create room for new shoots to grow.

Blackcurrants are heavy feeders, so mulch around the plant in late winter using well-rotted manure or compost to provide nutrients, and to help suppress weeds.

Water blackcurrants well during dry periods and as the fruit start to swell. To help avoid disease, water the soil around the plant rather than the base of the bush.

Container grown blackcurrants will need repotting every two to three years. Trim off some of the roots and replace some of the old soil with fresh compost. They can be repotted into the same size pot if necessary.


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