Growing Blackcurrants

Blackcurrant bushes are very easy to grow and produce lots of delicious berries.  They are usually grown as large multi-stemmed bushes, but can also be grown in containers.  Blackcurrants are very good in summer puddings and pies, and make excellent jam.  Some of the sweeter varieties can also be eaten straight off the plant.


How to Grow Blackcurrants – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Fruit Growing Calendar - BlackcurrantsPlant two year old bare rooted blackcurrants from November to March
  • Plant 150cm (5ft) apart, with 150cm (5ft) between rows
  • Container grown plants can be planted at any time
  • Plant bare root and container grown blackcurrants 5cm (2in) lower than the soil mark
  • Planting blackcurrant bushesCut all shoots down to 2.5cm (1in) above soil level after planting
  • Prune established bushes (3 to 4 years) in winter
  • Harvest when fully coloured, either by picking individual berries, or by cutting whole strigs


Blackcurrant Varieties

Ben Lomond – large sweet berries, high yields, compact habit, harvest late July, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Big Ben – very large berries, high yields, sweet flavour, excellent eaten fresh, early season
Ebony – sweet flavour, ideal for eating fresh, open spreading habit for easy picking, harvest mid July
Ben Connan – excellent flavour, high yields, compact bush, harvest mid July, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Ben Sarek – excellent flavour, large fruits, high yields, small compact bush, suitable for containers


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