Growing Fruit

Growing FruitSelect a fruit from the left to get started – Enjoy!

Growing fruit trees and fruit bushes in the garden is a wonderful activity that is very rewarding. Being able to wander into the garden and pick the freshest cherries, blueberries, raspberries or strawberries you’ve ever tasted is a complete joy.  GardenFresco’s “How to Grow Fruit” guides help you select the best fruit trees and soft fruit bushes, shows you how to plant them, care for them and harvest them…and if you’re struggling with harvesting your cherries, we’ll come and help 😉

Everything you need to know about planting, growing and harvesting fruits from the garden in one place.

We show you WHEN to plant fruit bushes and fruit trees

Fruit growing calendar - StrawberriesUseful fruit growing calendars for each fruit plant so you can see at a glance when to plant and when you can expect to harvest (let us know when those cherries are ready for picking).



We show you HOW to grow fruit trees and fruit bushes

Planting Cherry TreesClear images showing you how to plant bare rooted fruit trees and fruit bushes, along with the correct spacing.  Each fruit has a quickstart guide as well as clear step-by-step help on planting and taking care of your plant.





And which the BEST fruit bush and fruit tree varieties are

Best Grow Your Own Fruit VarietiesSelect the best varieties and enjoy a supply of the freshest fruit you’ve ever tasted.





And some TOP TIPS!

For each fruit, we’ve got some tips and tricks that will make your life easier and might also make your fruit bushes or trees more productive. Make your fruit gardening even sweeter!

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