Grow Your Own Salad

Grow Your Own Salad LeavesFreshly picked salad with a drizzle of homemade dressing makes for a delightfully fresh lunch addition. Nothing should interfere with fresh salad leaves, so growing your own is the best option. There are lots of different types to try and one of the nice things about growing salad leaves is that it’s fast! You can go from sowing to eating much faster than most vegetables and they’re easy to grow too.

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Green Tick DELICIOUS and new salads with different leaves
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Growing Salad Leaves

Growing salad leaves is easy and most seed packets come with instructions on the back. In most cases, all you need to do is sow the seeds thinly (ie not all in a clump but spread them out) in a sunny spot and cover them with a fine layer of soil. Keep the area watered and in a week or so, you’ll start to see your salad plants sprouting. The only thing I’d add is that you need to make sure the area is weed free or it’s tricky to see what’s salad and what’s a weed growing!

If you’ve got a greenhouse, then you can grow salad leaves in large trays. Water them from below to prevent the leaves from getting muddy. The warmth from the greenhouse will encourage them to grow even faster. You should be able to grow salad leaves under cover for most of the year, although growth will slow during the winter months.

Salad Leaf Ideas

If you’re new to growing salad leaves, or want a variety of leaves without having to purchase lots of packets, then a great idea is to buy some of the mixed salad leaf packets. We’ve had great success with them and they make great ready made mixes! When you’ve tried a few mixed leaf salad packets, you can move on to buying individual packets of your favourite leaves.

Sow successionally, every 2 weeks or so, and get some cut-and-come-again varieties and you can be in fresh salad leaves all summer.

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