Grow Your Own Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs

You can’t beat the flavour of home grown fruit and vegetables and being able to fetch a bunch of fresh herbs from your garden is very satisfying (and convenient!). You don’t need lots of time, space or money to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs, so it’s an activity available to all. We’ve created step-by-step growing guides to help you grow your own vegetables, fruit and herbs, so choose something that interests you and dive in!

Growing your own food is an exceptionally rewarding past time. We personally grow fruits, vegetables and herbs every year and can’t imagine a season without them. We think if you give it a go, you’ll soon become hooked!

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Grow Your Own VegetablesGrowing your own vegetables lets you taste them at their very best and the difference between home grown and shop bought can be staggering. Shops concentrate on factors like, profit, ability to take knocks in transport and shelf life. Shops also want vegetables that look pretty, so varieties are chosen with this in mind. When you grow your own vegetables, all you need to concentrate on is flavour, flavour and flavour. Take sweetcorn for example, as soon as it’s picked, the sugars that make the cobs taste so good, start to convert into starches. If you grow your own sweetcorn (and I recommend you do!) you go from picking to cooking in about a minute, so you taste them at their very best! No refridgeration, no time being transported, no sitting on shelves. Find a spot and start growing vegetables today!

Grow Your Own Fruit

Grow Your Own FruitLike vegetables, home grown fruit picked from the tree, bush or vine taste far superior to most shop bought fruit. When you grow your own fruit, you can leave the fruits on the plant until they are fully ripe before picking (and eating!) them. Fruit plants also have the advantage of generally cropping for many years (raspberries 10+ years, cherries 20+ years etc), so plant once and reap the rewards year after year. Most fruit plants produce an abundance of fruit too, so you can enjoy the freshest of fruit when they are cropping and freeze the surplus for the winter months. Freshly squeezed raspberry juice is rather good, as is strawberry ice cream! Fruit can be grown in the ground or in containers, so take a look at our growing fruit guides and get stuck in!

Grow Your Own Herbs

Grow Your Own HerbsHerbs are a culinary essential, transforming so many dishes, and when you grow your own herbs, you’ll start to wonder why they cost so much in the shops! Plant a few parsely plants and you’ll have enough to use fresh all summer and then plenty to freeze for the winter. The wonderful convenience of growing your own herbs and the little space required to grow them, makes them an essential planting candidate. Don’t buy small packets herbs from the shops any more, start growing herbs today… you won’t look back.

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