Who are we?

GardenFresco is run by husband and wife team, David and Emma. We’ve been fruit and vegetable gardening for many years, over which time our vegetable patch has expanded quite a bit. We’ve worked hard, and now have a lovely vegetable patch, fruit cage and a greenhouse that we make very good use of and enjoy thoroughly. Our children love the garden (strawberries) too and it’s great that they are able to see, and be involved with, growing some of our own food.

Nearly all of the photographs on the site are from our garden and taken by us.  There are only a few where we’ve had to rely on friends and family to fill the gaps (we don’t have a walnut tree in our garden!).  The information in most cases, is based on first hand experience over many years, so we hope it will provide a good source of practical advice for beginners and some good tips for more seasoned growers.

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About Emma

I really enjoy being outside in the garden. It’s a lovely peaceful place where you can do as much or as little as you want. Some days I’ll be digging away like there’s no tomorrow, and others I’ll be pottering about with a hoe in my hand, munching the odd pea here and there. I love the seasonality of food when you grow it yourself. I always get excited waiting for the very first of something, whether it be strawberries, courgettes, tomatoes, or french beans. And then, just when you think you can’t face another broad bean, along comes a different crop for you to feast on! Even after years of growing our own, I’m still amazed that all those small seeds we sow, can grow into plants that produce so much for us to eat.

About David

I like the whole journey of growing our own vegetables, fruit and herbs. In late winter, where the weather could easily make me feel glum, I’m sowing chilli seeds and looking forward to the new growing season. I love the taste and texture of home grown produce and rejoice that it’s one area where you can be truly decadent without causing any harm to yourself, others or the planet!

Whilst Emma produces more of the written information on the site, I muck in and do my bit and also design and create the graphics (my background) and a do lot of the photography, which I really enjoy. Whilst grow-your-own is about taste rather than looks, nature does create some wonderful looking produce and it’s a joy to photograph it. We’re not some big corporate organisation…but want to look as good as we can nonetheless!

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We would have loved a resource like GardenFresco when we started out with our first tiny vegetable patch and hope that you find it useful.

Enjoy the site!

Emma & David
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